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We are junk car buyer Deer Park, known for paying the most for your vehicle regardless of the shape or the condition. No other company will take care of you as we will. Many companies will give you a fake car buy amount but not us.

The junk car industry is huge in this part of Texas. Daily cars are being junked out to make room for other newer models. Many of these cars have high mileage or other little things wrong with them.
Every year there are new brands that come out by the manufactures. Many times people will by the newer better model and just park the old one. These are the vehicles we want to purchase. No matter how long they have been sitting around or what kind of shape they are in we will pay you cash on the spot.

Kinds of Cars We Purchase

Only cars 2004 and onward, we buy junk cars as well as running vehicles for instance: wrecked vehicles, mechanical challenge, totaled vehicles, salvage titles cars, etc. no matter we want them all. Don’t let your old car take up space or make your driveway look like a car lot when we purchase your vehicle it will be towed for free. Our premier junk car removal service will make you happy and put cash in your pocket.

How Much do You Pay for Junk Cars?

Many factors go into giving you a price. The year is one of the first things that we look at. The next thing is the make and model. Because we are a salvage buyer and salvage or core out many of the vehicles we purchase, we look at the demand for the parts. If there is low demand, of course, the price will be lower than a high demand parts car. The weight of your vehicle also matters a lot with older cars or trucks. The salvage industry has a market of its own and it goes up and down.

Missing parts and body damage will diminish the value considerably. This is done to us not being able to resale the core parts as cores or resell value of them.

Junk My Car Deer Park

Do not think your junk car has no value at all. It does hold value and some companies will try to convince you otherwise. It can be wrecked and still have salvage value or flooded and have a salvage value. Of course, the salvage value is far less than the retail value but none the less it does have a value.

To get the salvage value give us a call we will ask you a few questions and based off of your answers we will give you a quote. The quote always includes free towing and paperwork processing. What are you waiting for call us at 281-800-1508?

Questions we are Often Asked

How Do I Get a Quote from HTown?

Give us a call at 281-800-1508 we will ask you a few questions and based off of your answers you will receive a no-obligation quote. After your quote, we will schedule you to be picked up at your convenience. Our towing is always free, they also bring you the cash to pay you on the spot!

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