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Houston junk car buyer is here to pay you top dollar for all vehicles no matter the condition or shape. We don’t care about the year, make, or model, it can be new or old. No need to waste money on repairing your old vehicle we will pay you cash on the spot.

If your vehicle is old and just sitting around it could attract pests and animals that are not beneficial to your family. These things will start to use as a home and contaminate the inside with leftovers. They can even carry dieses that can affect a person or your animals. This could be especially dangerous if your kids play in the car. Don’t take a chance to sell us the car today at 281-800-1508.

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We offer so much to people selling their cars, in the way of service and payout. You are given a free no-obligation car quote that will not take long at all. Unlike some other companies, we will never ask you to text us some pictures of your vehicle or email them. This is a waste of time for you and them and is a stall tactic.JUNK CAR BUYERS HOUSTON

Our car buying process has been streamlined to the point that we can purchase your vehicle in 5 minutes where other companies will take forever. When our wrecker arrives, it arrives with the cash to pay you on the spot. You don’t have to wait on your money or have to go pick it up.

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With four area locations to better serve the Houston areas, this makes us the best choice to sell your car. Our four offices allow our wreckers to be no more than 20 minutes away from picking up a car in the area. This is to ensure a better experience. Our goal at HTown is to make you the happiest possible! Keep in mind that towing is always free. There are never any additional charges with us!


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There is not another company that buys every kind of vehicle like us. We don’t care how old it is or what the shape of the car is. We will always give you top dollar for your car. Most other companies will give you a high price to get out to the vehicle, then find something wrong with the vehicle, to go down on the price. We call this phishing in the industry. It is very dishonest and shouldn’t ever be done.

Go with HTown, we are well known in the area and have a great reputation. Our reputation speaks for itself. Our clients are always happy, if not we ensure they are when we leave. Being a family-owned and operated local junk car buyer, this has its advantages for everybody.

Junk Car Buyer Houston

The thing that sets us apart from everybody else is the fact that we pick you up so fast and pay so much. Our tow truck arrives with the cash to pay you. We help you rid yourself of your unwanted vehicle.

Trying to sell your vehicle to an individual can be more trouble than it is worth. Strangers coming to your home, no telling what kind of criminal records they have or their true intentions. Don’t worry about any of these hassles, sell it to us. Our reps know Houston very well, they are all from here. Don’t deal with people from out of state or want you to text them! Having you text them photos is so unprofessional and shows they don’t have an actual office! They could even be fly by night!

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How Do I Get a Quote?

Give us a call right now at 281-800-1508 we will ask you a few questions and based off your answers we will give you a fair and honest quote. Our dispatcher will then schedule you to be picked up at your convenience. When our wrecker arrives they arrive with the money to pay you on the spot.

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