Cash for Cars Humble Texas

Cash for cars Humble will help you get rid of the old car taking room up in your driveway. You are in luck, we increased our payouts and free junk car removal in and around the Humble areas.

The cash for cars recycling program gives you cash for your damaged car. We don’t care what kind of shape it is in. your car can be wrecked, flooded, old, high mileage or just unwanted, we will give you top dollar for them!

We are Based Out of Humble and Always Offering Cash for Cars

HTown Junk Car Buyer buys all cars including, trucks, SUVs, vans, utility vans, fleet, RV’s, motorhomes, and utility vehicles. We are a one-stop shop for all of your salvage vehicle needs. Never pay anybody to remove your old vehicle, we pay you.

We pick up your car from any location you may have it for free. Yes, all junk cars are towed for free! Because of our professionalism and neat attire we often are asked to go to people’s employment to purchase. We currently do not pick up vehicles off the side of the freeway. This is for safety reasons.

How Do We Buy Junk Cars Work?

we often get asked how we can offer cash on so many make and models, it is because we have been in the industry for so many years.

Below is an overview of our process:

  1. You decide to get rid of your old vehicle or your homeowners Assoc is threatening to fine you.
  2. You call HTown Junk Car Buyer 281-800-1508 to inquire about how much we are will to pay for it.
  3. Our dispatcher answers and asks a few simple questions. Do not worry our staff is very friendly and knowledgeable. They will provide you with a solid car quote.
  4. Schedule your car to be picked up at a time that is good for you. We never force you to accept a time we work with you. Our goal is to pick you up the same day you call.
  5. Our in-house wrecker driver who has had a background check will arrive to remove your car and pay you on the spot. The driver will provide you with a receipt for your records.
  6. Your junk car will be taken to one of our four local yards and recycled and cored out. This is great for the environment and provides local jobs!

Don’t Pay for Junk Car Removal

Don’t ever pay for junk car removal, we do it for free. Our free tow service for unwanted cars is 100% free. Not only do we tow them away for free but we pay you to cash for them! Don’t let some of these other companies fool you into paying!

Steps to Getting a Cars for Cash Quote:

Our expert dispatchers will ask you a few questions about your car. Below there are a few to get you ready.

Based on your answers Cash for Cars Humble we will give you a quote. Please be as pacific as possible, this will help us give an accurate estimation.

I have Lost my Title can I Still sell it?

are you looking to sell a car no title? We can help you with that. There are a few stipulations that apply.

Non-Title Stipulations:

If you believe you meet these criteria then we can purchase your vehicle. We will give you cash on the spot and tow it for free. If you don’t have the keys we will need the keys. This is a must and there is a few extra paperwork to fill out.

Before Your Car Gets Towed Away

Make sure to clean out all of your personal belongings. You would not believe some of the things we find in the vehicle. We remove your license plates if you would like you can remove them for us. The plats can be thrown away if they are from Texas.

Don’t forget to take it off your insurance policy. Why pay for auto insurance if you do not require it anymore?

If you are not the registered owner of the vehicle but you have the title, it must be signed on the front and back by the registered owner, is it has not been we cannot purchase it.
If a vehicle has been abandoned on your property, we are unable to purchase it. Contact a local wrecker service and tell them you need private property done.

Call for an Instant no Obligation Quote

Call 281-800-1508 for your no-obligation quote. We will pick you up today so there are no long waits. Our wrecker arrives with the cash to pay you on the spot.

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