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Do you live in Jacinto City and are looking for Junk Car Buyer Jacinto City? You have found us! Have been located in the area for over 40 years. Always interested in paying top dollar for junk or unwanted cars.

I am always purchasing all kinds of junk cars on the spot for up to $10,000.00. Don’t care if they are running or not. We buy damaged cars, mechanical issues, flooded cars, high-mileage vehicles, old or new.

Do you have to repair your vehicle all the time, has it become undependable or has it reached the end of its life? Sell it to us for top dollar. Not only pay you top dollar but also tow it for free. We know you don’t want to deal with it, so let us take on your problems.

Pay the most for late model junk cars and running cars. Nobody can beat our prices. Receive cash on the spot for your truck or car. Don’t worry about having to have it towed we take care of all of that for you. We make the whole process of selling your vehicle easy on you!

How Easy is it to Junk Car Buyer Jacinto City?

Junk Car Buyer Jacinto City knows that you have other things to do besides waiting for someone to purchase your vehicle, so we schedule your pickup to a time that meets your schedule. We always try to pick up your car the same day you call us. No other company can do this. We have four locations in and around the Houston areas.

The next time you or a family is looking to sell a junk car or get cash for cars, please keep us in mind. We are the most significant and oldest car buyer in Houston.

How does Junk Car Buyer Jacinto City Work?

Our specialization is buying junk cars running or not. We know that you may be wondering how the Junk Car Buyer Jacinto City works, so we will go over a few things to help make you understand the process. A lot of our customers tell us they didn’t know how easy it is to sell a junk car. This is because we have made the process as easy as possible. There are no charges at all to you; your job is to collect the money we want to pay you.

Yes, the whole process is as easy as this. Because we are licensed and insured, we can do this. Don’t deal with a go-between, deal with a real company!

Junk Car Buyer Jacinto City Special Purchases

We always pay a huge bonus if you have a 2010 and newer vehicle. These vehicles can have major or minor issues. We require these vehicles, which means we are paying a higher price for them. We not only purchase junk car but also buy running driving vehicles.

Vehicles 2009 and below are bought to sell parts off of as salvage and recycling. Of course, the prices for these are not as high as the newer models.

When you need the absolute best Junk Car Buyer, Jacinto City calls us at 281-946-72096. We are here you pay you top dollar!

How to Get the Best Money for my Car?

If you have a 2010 and newer the best thing to do is call us, we will ask you to either email us some pictures or text us some, whichever is the most convenient for you. This helps us in assessing your vehicle’s value. We will also need you to describe the car to us.

Why Houston Junk Car Buyer is the Best Choice for Junk Car Buyer Jacinto City

  1. You are given the highest possible service in the industry. We are professionals and care about our clients. You are not just some number on a file.
  2. Our staff is all family since we are a family, cash for cars company. This ensures you are speaking to a highly qualified local individual.
  3. Your automobile is picked up at no charge and your convenience. This ensures you don’t have to alter your daily schedule.
  4. Our wrecker arrives with the money to pay you for your car or truck right there on the spot. There is no waiting for the mail to arrive or having to drive across town to get a check; we bring it with us!
  5. We don’t care if you are at work, home or school we will come out and purchase your vehicle on the spot for top dollar!
  6. Because we are local, we can pick you up the same day. A nationwide service is not able to do this; we are. Local companies build the local economy!
  7. Our car buying process is as easy as picking up the phone and calling 281-946-7209.

The short answer to this is no and yes. If you have lost your title, you will need your keys to the vehicle. The vehicle will have to be in your name with no liens on the car. We will also need a valid form of identification.

We can walk you through the process of obtaining a duplicate title in Texas. Your vehicle will have to be registered in Texas.

Get a Free no Obligation Quote from Junk Car Buyer Jacinto City

Getting a quote from us is easy to call us at 281-800-1508. We will ask you a few questions, and based on your answers, we will give you a quote. Don’t forget Junk Car Buyer Jacinto City offer same day pick up!

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