Jersey Village Junk Car Buyer Pays the Most

Jersey Village junk car buyer pays the most for your vehicle, running or not. Free towing is always included. Sell us that broken-down car for cash on the spot.

Tired of working on your vehicle every week and putting money into it for nothing? Sell it to us for the most money you can get for a junk car. HTown Junk Car Buyer does not care if your vehicle is running or not, wrecked or just junk.

Recently we have extended our service area to 50-mile radius outside of downtown Houston. This was done to better serve the community. You call today, you will be picked up today. This means you will receive your cash junk cars no title

No car is too old or too new for us to purchase. We don’t care what kind of shape it is in either. It can be wrecked, junk, flooded or even burnt, we pay cash for them!

Many other local junk car buyers want you to text them photos of your vehicle. We do not require this. This is a pain in the butt for many people and is not necessary. Do be inconvenienced by this or allow anybody to do this. When you call us we know by asking questions about your vehicle what can be paid for it.

How Junk Car Buyer Near Me Works

  1. Call 281-800-1508 and request a quote.
  2. Answer a few questions about your vehicle.
  3. Let us know if you have a title or not. We are a junk car buyer no title.
  4. After we have collected the information, we will make you the best car quote offer.
  5. Schedule a convenient time for you to be picked up by our wrecker and get paid!

It could not be any easier than that. We have streamlined the junk car buyer process to better serve you. The whole process takes about ten minutes from the time our wrecker arrives.

Other Companies Have Told me I Have to Pay for Towing

We will never charge you for towing. Not only do we tow for free, but we also bring you the cash and handle all of the paperwork. When you call for a quote please let us know if the vehicle has any flats. This helps us to know if we need to send a flatbed out or not. We don’t want to show up and have to turn around and send another wrecker out.

Remember towing is always 100% free with us and we do the paperwork for you. No games just pure real customer service!

I Have Lost My Title, Can I Still Sell it to You?

We are still able to purchase your car with a lost title. There are a few extra steps we have to take. When you call us please have your vehicle’s identification number. We will have to run it to ensure it is in your name with no liens on it. If you owe money on your vehicle then we will not be able to purchase it. That lien has to be paid off before we are able to buy it.

You will need to have a state-issued identification that is valid. We have to take a photo of both you and your ID. This is the most and cannot be bypassed.

What’s the Fastest I Can be Picked Up?

We always try to pick up the same day. This means that you will also receive your money the same day. If the weather is bad, we have to wait until it clears up before we are able to pick you up. Top cash for your junk car is always paid, you deserve a good solid offer with no scams. Sell your junk car for cash with us and receive top dollar and same day pickup.

Call us for an easy no-obligation Jersey Village Junk Car Buyer quote 281-800-1508 our friendly dispatcher will be more than happy to answer all of your questions.

junk car recyclingFrequent Asked Questions

How Much Can I Get for My Car?

This is a hard question to answer. The scrap index goes up and down every day. Supply and demand for the parts have a lot to do with it. The year make and model has a lot to do with what we can offer you. Take a good look at your vehicle before calling us and look for any damages on it. This will allow us to give you an accurate junk car quote. Some companies will have you send them or text them photos of your vehicle. This is because they do not trust your opinion. We trust your word.

Can You Buy Cars Without Title?

Yes, we are able but there are extra steps we must take. These steps include running the vehicles information to verify ownership. Unfortunately, we can not purchase your vehicle if you have a lien on it or owe money on it. You must pay off all liens beforehand. If you have paid off a lien, you will be required to obtain s release of lien from the company. If you call us we will walk you through the steps of obtaining a certified duplicate title.

Many Companies Say They Need to Look at My Car to Give me a Quote, Do You Have to?

No, we do not need to. Some companies will request you to email them or text them pictures. These companies are new to the industry. We know from your description of your vehicle what we can pay you. When our wrecker arrives, we will look at the vehicle for damages. Most of the damages you have already told us. This means there are no deductions.

I Borrowed Money on my Vehicle Can You still Purchase it?

No, we are unable to purchase any vehicle if you owe money on it. You have to pay off all liens and receive a release of lien in order for us to purchase it.

How Will I Be Paid for My Car?

Generally, we pay you in cash up to $200.00. because of safety reasons we do not carry large sums of cash in our wreckers. If it is over $200.00, we will give you a casher check from our local bank.

How to Get an Instant No Obligation Quote

Getting a quote from us is easy, call 281-800-1508 answer a few questions and the dispatcher will give you an instant accurate quote. Remember we have same day junk car buying and free towing. Nobody can compare to the service we will give you.

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