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#1 Junk Car Buyer Houston

Are you Looking for a Junk Car Buyer Houston?

So you are getting sick of that old junk vehicle sitting outside of your hose? It may be beaten up, old, or even wrecked. We want to pay you cash for your junk car! Your homeowner’s association may be threatening to fine you or the city! We do not care about the condition we pay cash on the spot and provide free towing!

No matter the year make or model, you could get up to $10,000 the same day you call us. All you need to do is call us, we will ask you a few questions, and based on your answers will give you an instant quote. We are Houston’s number one junk car buyer.

You Have Found the Best Junk Car Buyer Houston TX

Nearly 30 million automobiles across the world reach the end of their usable life. These cars may not be good for repair or put back on the road, but they are great for being recycled.  A large part of these are commercial vehicles they become unwanted vehicles.

Here in Houston, there are a lot of junk car buyers. Not all of them are in Houston Texas. Many of them are in other states or even countries. They build a website and purchase a local number so junk car sellers do not know the difference. Do your best to stay away from these!

When you find a buyer make sure you are dealing with one that is local to Houston. This ensures your private information is not being sold.

HTown Junk Car Buyers is known for paying the highest for vehicles running or not! When our wrecker arrives, they arrive with cash in hand to pay you. There is no waiting for a check or having to go pick up your money!

The process of selling your old car should not be complicated, this is why we have simplified the process. When our driver arrives to pay you on the spot, it will only take about ten minutes of your time.

What’s the Best Way to Get an Offer for Your Junk Car?

Here are the steps to sell you junk cars in Houston:

  1. Call 281-800-1508 a local office located in Houston Texas.
  2. Let us know the year make and model of your vehicle.
  3. We will ask you what’s wrong with it.
  4. Do you have the title to your vehicle?
  5. When will be a convenient time for us to pick up your vehicle free of charge?

Preparing Your Vehicle to be Sold

Before a car buyer shows up there are a few things you should do to get it ready and you ready! Cleaning it out takes on a different meaning when selling it to a salvage buyer. There is no reason to clean completely. The most important part is making sure you get your personal papers out. Do not forget to look in the trunk, many things are forgotten in people’s trunk.

Remove the license plates from your old vehicle. Because in Texas your plates go with the vehicle you can throw them away. The reason for removing them if you sell to another bandit junk car buyer, they could resell it and that person could be driving it.

Schedule Your Free Towing

We want to pick up your vehicle at a time that is convenient for you. A time that will not cause you to miss any obligations. This is particularly important to you and us.

When our wrecker arrives, they arrive not only to tow your car for free but to pay you cash on the spot. The driver will fill out some paperwork and take a few pictures. We will then hook up your vehicle on our wrecker and pay you. It is that easy. This is the easiest and most painless way to sell a car.

Call us for Your No-Obligation Free Junk Car Quote

Call us at 281-800-1508 we will ask you a few questions and based on your answers we will give you an instant quote. Free towing is always included with every purchase. If you call today we will pick up today, no long waiting call us before we get booked up for the day!


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