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You found us probably from searching google “Junk Car Buyer Near Me.” We are Houston’s number one junk car buyer. Located with four offices right here in Houston Texas. Because of our locations, we can get your vehicle picked up the same day you call us.

Through the years we have streamlined the junk car buyers’ program and paperwork. The process is down to about ten minutes after our driver arrives. This is to save you time and not interrupt your time.

What are you waiting for, give us a call right now for your instant quote, 281-800-1508 and schedule free junk car removal? We will ask you a few questions and based on your answers we will you a car quote.junk car buyer near me

Thousands of junk vehicles are bought by us monthly. No other junk car removal company does this. They may claim they do but they do not. This enables us to give you a hassle-free, stress-free, and problem-free sale. Our drivers handle everything for you, they even do the paperwork for you. Before our wrecker leaves, they will give you a receipt for the purchase of your junk car. Make sure to put this in a safe spot.

Unwanted Vehicles Junk Cars Trucks and other Vehicles

When you call for free no-obligation junk cars for cash quotes, we ask a few questions. We purchase junk cars in Houston TX. The car quote will be the highest we are able to pay. There will not be any deductions once our driver gets there. Many companies will arrive and deduct from the quote they gave you. They figure you will go for it because they are there, and you don’t want to be hassled by someone else coming out. We do not do this, ever!

A Real Local Junk Car Buyer

Because we have been in business as long as we have been, the techniques and processes we have developed have been adopted by other companies. Not many other companies are able to make this claim.

When you accept our junk cars for cash quote, we will send our local company-owned wrecker to pick up your vehicle and you will be paid on the spot. You will be scheduled at a time that will be good for you. Not a time we pick. It is of the utmost importance that we do not interfere with your daily affairs.

Our wrecker will arrive with cash for your car. There is no having to wait or having to cash a check. They pay you in cash. In the end, our tow truck will give you a receipt. This needs to be kept for your records.

How Can I Get Rid of My Junk Car?

It’s not easy to keep track of paperwork, especially with your old car. You may have forgotten where you last saw the title or maybe it was stolen. This is not necessarily true. Selling a car without an ownership title can be risky as the buyer may not know if you’re the rightful owner.

The wrong answer to this question would be that you should sell your junk car without a title to anyone who wants it. This is not wise; could get you in trouble if the buyer decides to scam you later.

we buy junk cars houstonSome junkyards will buy cars without a title. They typically don’t require the car to be drivable or all-original in order to make the purchase.

You might have heard about a way to get rid of junk cars locally without their titles. Maybe you inherited your old rusty heap from a relative and it’s not worth anything anymore. Well, we’re here to tell you that there are now actually more options than dumping it in your nearest junkyard.

Be cautious when being asked to make a deal on the grounds that its cash. It makes sense for some people, but you may be giving up your ownership of the car and not getting much in return.

It’s normal to see a settlement charge for “storage and maintenance” fees when you sell a car. However, it’s worth noting that these fees are rather high compared to the actual value of the car. You’ve practically forgotten about the deal, and there’s no way you’re paying the bill. But guess what: your name is still on the title.

It’s a scam, but because you never legally transferred the title, the sale technically never happened. Even though cash was exchanged in the deal, you still own the vehicle.

This means any parking tickets, accidents, or illegal activities the car is involved in are YOUR responsibility. If you’re lucky, a judge might see through the scam and let you off the hook.

When can you sell your junk car without a title?

Some states make it possible to sell your junk car without a title but the process is complicated and can’t be completed by just getting a replacement title and handing it over.

You can get a replacement title by filling out one simple form and including proof of identity.

It’s Best Not to Sell a Junk Car Without a Title

HTown Junk Car Buyers always look out for your best interest. As such, we always offer to buy the car in the presence of a new title. It’s pretty straightforward and can be done with a simple signature on a replacement title. Since you can get paid and move on with your life, there are many benefits to be found in this line of work. This is one of the reasons we’ve become so popular.

Who Buys Junk Cars Without A Title?

You can generally only sell a car with a title in Texas and other states. Selling cars without titles is actually much more difficult because they’re often worth a lot less. Use a vehicle title to prove ownership of the car in a transaction — without one, you risk committing an illegal activity like buying stolen goods.

If you’re the owner of a car but lost the title, it can be difficult to find someone who will take your car with no title. Requiring a duplicate title might help open up your chances where they were once limited.

HTown Junk Car Buyers can walk you through the process of getting a duplicate title in your state. Once you have that, we can purchase the vehicle with you and handle the towing for free! Give us a call anytime M-F and we’ll come to you within the same day to pick up your vehicle.

Can I Sell A Junk Car Without A Title?

If you’re trying to sell your vehicle, you will need the title to prove ownership. Most buyers will ask for it as a requirement to make the sale legally binding.

Luckily, if you lost your title; there’s a fender bender waiting to happen, we can walk you through the process of getting a duplicate. We’ll draft an offer on your car with free towing and send in our associate buyers to round it up. Reach out to us today to start the process of getting your duplicate title and selling your junk car fast.

How Much Is A Junk Car Without A Title Worth?

If you don’t have a title for your old car, there’s no way to sell it. And without one, people will be hesitant to buy it. That’s why it often makes more sense to get a duplicate of your car title from the DMV.

When you get a duplicate title for your vehicle, be sure to go through the junk car buying process at HTown Junk Car Buyers. We know how to provide what’s needed. We’ll pay you on the spot for your car after you accept our offer. One of our professional tow trucks will come to pick it up from anywhere in the country within 24-48 business hours.

How to get an Offer for Your Unwanted Junk Car or Truck

To get a real instant offer from us is easy, just pick up the phone and call 281-800-1508. We will ask you a few questions and based on your answers we will give you a real quote, not a fake quote.

Here are a few questions we will ask you:

·        Year make and model of the vehicle

·        Do you have a title?

·        What is wrong with the car?

·        How much are you expecting? We need to know how much cash for your junk car you are expecting.

· Are there any missing parts?

·        Is the body wrecked or damaged?

These are easy simple questions that you will know. It is a great pleasure that you are using a really true local junk car buyer. Remember we pay cash on the spot! Free towing is always offered.

Free No Obligation Junk Car Quote

Cash for Junk Cars is a company that buys junk cars and pays cash for all models. We are the best option for people who want to sell their cars without all the hassle and without any need to wait. a long time. We pay the price you set and offer hassle-free services. We can provide tow trucks to pick up your vehicle, arrange cash payment for your car, and take care of all the paperwork you might need in order to sell it responsibly. For example, we offer free towing from your home or office. Get the highest cash quote today by calling us at 281-800-1508!

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