Most Frequently Asked Questions by Clients to Our We Buy Junk Cars Estimate Line

Our “we junk buy junk car scrap” lines get many calls daily. Often the same questions are asked, this article will attempt to go over the most common. We hope this helps you in your junk car-selling quest! I want to make you a deal, even if we do not purchase your scrap vehicle we will answer your questions to our best abilities. We can not give you legal advice but can tell you what we know from our own experience. this is our way of answering your questions and us giving back to the community.

Do I Need a Title to the Vehicle to Sell Houston Junk Car?sell your car

In short, the answer is yes and no. if you have a title it makes things easier for us and you. We, of course, pay more for late-model cars with a title. We buy junk cars with no titles. Steps have to be taken to ensure the vehicle is in your name, with no liens. When you call, let us know you don’t have a title. We run the license plate or VIN to get the registration. The vehicle must be registered in your name. You also have to have valid identification.

Is There a Way for Me to Get a Copy of My Texas Car Title?

This question is asked a thousand times a day. Getting a replacement title in the Houston area is very easy and can be done during your lunchtime. Below we will walk you thru the steps.
  1. Write down or verify your vehicle identification number. You can find this on an old insurance card or on your car’s dash. The VIN is seventeen (17) characters long. Make sure you copy it down right. If not you will not be able to get a duplicate title.
  2. Fill out form VTR34. The state of Texas made this form so you would have everything you will need. This is a fillable PDF form HTown Junk Car Buyer Replace-Lost-Title-Texas.
  3. Drive over to the TxDOT office located at 2110 East Governors Circle Houston, TX 77092 Phone Number is (713) 316-6100. There is a bunch of free parking. If you want to call them be prepared to be on an extended hold.
  4. When you arrive you have to get a number. As you walk thru the door there is a kiosk that gives you options make sure to pick and obtain a certified copy of the title. The cost is $5.45 for a certified copy. You receive it the same day.
  5. Call HTown Junk Car Buyer and let us know you have obtained a certified copy of your title. We will schedule you to be picked up and paid.

There is a Lien on my Title, can you Still Buy it?

Not without a release of lien. If you owe money on your vehicle it is illegal for you to sell it or for us to purchase it. If you have paid everything owed on your vehicle but have not removed the lien, call us our we buy junk cars buyer can assist you.
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junk my car Houston

Do you sell cars? Can I Trade my Vehicle in on one?

No, we are a local junk car buyer but we do not sell cars or trucks. All vehicles purchased are for salvage only. We recycle the parts and components of every car. Many junk car buyers will do what is called curb selling we do not do this. This practice is not legal and there is no protection for the buyer. Many times, the sales go unreported and titles do not get transferred. This is a practice we do not partake in, sorry.

I added Aftermarket Accessories to my Junk Vehicle Can I Remove Them?

You can remove them. They are yours. We do deduct if we arrive and parts are missing. We will buy still. If your tires are missing, we have to know before arriving. A special wrecker must be sent out to pick it up. We purchase all types and conditions, of vehicles. If you are removing items let us know when you call and we can let you know price-wise what the difference will be.

What Paperwork Will be Required When Your Wrecker Shows Up?

The most important item we need is your state-issued identification. If you have a title have that available. If not we bring the rest of the paperwork. There are state-mandated forms that have to be filled out, our wrecker driver will help with that, these must be signed by you.

What is the Charge for Towing?

No, we have never charged for towing. We are known as junk car buyers with free towing. Many other companies will try to charge you, don’t fall for it, call us!

How Long Does it Take To Sell My Car to Junk Car Buyer Near Me?

We try to pick you up the same day as you call. There is no charge for same-day pickup. Many other companies will charge you for same-day pickup, we feel as if this is taking advantage of clients in need. To answer your question is the same day as you call.

My car is Drivable, Can I Bring it to You?

Yes, you can, we do free tow but if you prefer to bring it into one of our four locations you can. If you are interested in bringing it in please call our office and we will make arrangements to meet and pay you. The process shouldn’t take more than five minutes.

What is the Most HTown Junk Car Buyer Pays for Cars?

We pay up to fifty thousand dollars for cars and trucks. We buy all cars running or not. Not a month ago we paid thirty thousand dollars for a late-model Corvette. No matter the year, make model, or condition. We pay you cash on the spot and tow for free.

My Junk Car is Not at My Home, Can You Still Pick It Up?HOUSTON JUNK CAR BUYERS

we buy junk cars everywhere! They can be picked up at your home, work, or school. The only place we are unable to pick up your vehicle is the freeways. We don’t pick up on the freeways because of safety concerns. Towing is always free for every car we purchase!

We Buy Junk Cars Will Handle Everything or Will a Different Company Pick Me up?

Our in-house company-owned wreckers handle everything. This ensures you receive the best service possible. If there is a major weather event like Harvey, we must use outside companies to help us keep up with the sheer amounts of flooded cars we purchase. If we have to use an outside company, we run background checks on them and verify their insurance. We do not sell or release your personal information. Many companies sell this to other junk car buyers but this is not our practice.

When and How Will I Be Paid for My Car?

You are paid the day we pick up your car. There is no waiting for check-in in the mail, or you have to go pick one up. Our drivers pay you to cash up to $100.00 anything over that has to be paid by check. For safety reasons, we do not carry a lot of cash in our trucks.

Are Your Checks From a Local Bank?

Yes, they are. When we have to write on. No out-of-state checks will ever be given by us. We are a local junk car buyer and want to keep our business right here in the Houston area! Many people find us by searching for junk car buyers near me, with four locations we are not far from you.

So, You Guys Are Local Junk Car Buyers?

Yes, we are, the company started right by Hobby Airport. We are the biggest in the Houston area. To our knowledge, there is not a bigger company in the area. We have grown by treating our clients with respect and dignity. Make fun of our old-fashioned ways if you want, but they are loved by many! It is an honor to do business with you.

How Do I Get a Quote?

Dial 281-800-1508 and answer a few basic questions about your unwanted car to get cash for junk cars! We will give you a no-obligation quote based on your answers. After that, we schedule you to be picked up and instantly paid. Yes, it is that easy to sell your junk cars. we buy junk cars
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